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We are a family-owned and operated business that specializes in coaching cheerleading and dance. Our studios and gyms are located on the Yorke Peninsula in Kadina, as well as our newest studio called City All Stars ® in Adelaide.


The City All Stars ® is managed and run by a team of nationally competitive cheerleaders and former elite gymnasts. They bring with them extensive backgrounds, qualifications, and knowledge in gymnastics, cheerleading, and dance.


At the City All Stars ®, we offer both novice and advanced programs for cheerleaders and dancers. Our goal is to provide everyone with the opportunity to develop and perfect their skills in cheerleading and dance.


Our teams consist of a combination of recreational and All Star athletes who compete in various All-Star cheerleading and dance competitions across Australia.




The mission of the City All Stars ® is to create a positive and safe environment for all athletes in cheerleading and dance. We are dedicated to providing personalized coaching that enhances our athletes' skills and abilities in all aspects of cheerleading and dance, all while ensuring a fun-filled experience!

Recreational Tumble classes for students aged 7+
Fully equipped gyms with tumble run flooring
Low-cost, moderate-commitment competitive classes for students 7 through to young adult
Professional, highly organized and qualified coaching staff


Image by Andy Holmes
Image by Andy Holmes



AJ is an accomplished competitive cheerleader with a track record of winning numerous state and national titles. Currently, she serves as both an athlete and head coach at the club. With six seasons of experience running All Star gyms, AJ is highly skilled in dance, stunting and tumbling. In addition to her expertise in cheerleading, she holds qualifications as a Sport Scientist, Movement Specialist, Coach, Nurse, Scientist and gymnastics coach.


Lottie, an experienced level 5-6 cheerleader, brings over twelve years of experience in the world of Gymnastics Australia and All Star. With a plethora of All Star titles under her belt, Lottie's passion lies in professionally working with youths and young adults in education. In addition to coaching our All Star programs, she also teaches in primary schools across Adelaide. As a credentialed All Star cheerleading coach, Lottie possesses a wealth of knowledge in all things cheer. While primarily based at City All Stars ®, she may occasionally be found up the YP.



TJ is an exceptional athlete with a wealth of experience in the world of gymnastics. As a former level seven gymnast, TJ has spent over 9 years honing his skills and knowledge in this field. His achievements include being a state champion from level 1 to 7 and a Country Champion through Gymnastic Australia and the Port Pirie Regional Gymnastics.

TJ's expertise extends beyond gymnastics, as he has also excelled as a nationally competitive level 2 cheerleader with The Mid North All Stars during the 2018-2020 seasons. This experience has further enhanced his abilities as a coach, particularly in the area of tumble/vault. With his accreditation and extensive background, TJ brings a unique set of skills to our team. While primarily based at our Mid North All Stars TM Gym location, TJ occasionally visits the City All Stars ®location as well. So keep an eye out for him!


Shonna, our Novice through to level 2 cheerleading coach, is also a talented open 2 & 3 cheerleader with our rural club, the Mid North All-Stars TM (2018-2023). In 2018, Shonna embarked on her All Star competitive cheerleading journey with the Mid North All Stars. Through hard work and dedication, she achieved her national goal of a flawless routine with zero-point deductions. This experience ignited her passion for cheerleading and propelled her into coaching.

Shonna possesses extensive knowledge, ambition, and a natural ability to connect with children. She has a strong understanding of stunting and tumbling for levels 1-3, making her an invaluable asset to our youth and adult athletes during the upcoming cheer and dance season. While primarily based at our Mid North All Stars TM Gym location, Shonna occasionally visits our City All Stars ® location.




AJ is an experienced All Star cheerleading and pom choreographer (levels 1-3 cheerleading and upto advanced pom). Commencing her choreography in 2018, she has since educated many teams to produce high quality All Star cheerleading and dance routines.


Ella @_choreybyelz is an out sourced and highly experienced All Star cheerleading and dance choreographer, who produces highly creative grand champion worthy routines for levels 1 through to 4.


Getting Here:



Our Address:


312 Glen Osmond Road, Myrtle Bank, SA, 5064

Inside the Glen Osmond Baptist Church


(08) 7200 7208

Staffed Mondays and during cheer and dance season between 4:00pm-8.00pm 

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