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“I love spending my time at the gym working on new skills, learning new base techniques and even getting a chance to fly stunts. Since being apart of cheer I have been able to meet new friends. It has made me excited for my cheer journey to continue into the future. I have been with the Mid North All Stars since the very first season the club opened in 2018. Ever since then I have just progressed and learnt so much since being apart of this club. I am indeed looking forward to my years ahead and seeing what they can do for me in my cheerleading career. I am both happy and proud to call myself a Mid North All Star cheerleader. – Rachelle (Competitive Athlete).
“When I started cheerleading I barely knew anyone that performed cheer, but since starting I have met a lot of new people and made so many new friends. I would like to say thankyou to all of you guys who have helped me since being apart of the club and helping me get prepared for National Championships and all other competitions. Nationals was my first really big competition and we did really really well. But we couldn’t have done it without each other and without our coaches right by our sides knowing that we can achieve our goals. I had such a great nationals trip away with the club and I just can’t wait to head to Nationals in 2020 to the Gold Coast. I have become a stronger person with knowing that I can achieve anything I put my mind to. I would like to say a huge thankyou to the coaches for helping me in every way they possibly can since I've been part of the club. I’ve made a very special bond with you guys when I don’t usually take to people in the way that I have with you. I am so very thankful for that. I believe it is because you both have supported me so much since starting at your club and you have always believed in me. We are all like family at the Mid North All Stars and are all there for each other. There is just so much love and support.” – Brit Arbon (Competitive Athlete).
“The Mid North All Stars have changed my life and I can’t wait to see what next season brings. The season has only just finished up and I miss everyone already!” – Shonna Williams (Competitive Athlete).
“Before my daughter, Britnee joined the Mid North All Stars she wasn’t really coping with her anxiety. But since joining your cheer group, I’ve noticed a massive change in her. You guys are all that she talks about. Brit is always so excited and happy when it comes to cheer nights. Also with Brit going to Melbourne for AASCF National Championships it has made a big change in her. Yes she will find it hard to be away from us at first but with her knowing she has such amazing support from you all, I’m confident Brit’s anxiety will be controlled. The
Mid North All Stars and certain girls in your group have changes Britnee’s life in a good way. She’s made some really close connections with you. I also find it awesome that Britnee can approach you and talk to you about things. That shows me that she has trust in you. So thankyou AJ & TJ & Mid North All Stars for accepting Britnee into your cheer group. I really appreciate the time you all give Britnee to help her and she’s such a happy young lady now, so once again thankyou so much”
– Fiona Adriaens (Cheer Mum).
“Since my daughter started cheerleading with the Mid North All Stars she has been so much happier, she enjoys going to trainings and spending time with her team and coaches. When school life gets a little bit tough, she knows that she can escape it all by going to cheerleading and spending time with her teammates. The club is so kind, family orientated and welcoming. The athletes are also exactly that as well and the club will stand for nothing less, which is certainly a relief. My little one has so much confidence now and is blooming so much. Thankyou for everything that you guys do!” – Jillian (Cheer Mum).

“Latesha has loved her time with Mid North All Stars over the last two years. She has been challenged to learn new skills and to perfect others she had learned by herself before joining. The coaches instruction and positivism has helped strengthen her physically and mentally. And her team mates have also become awesome friends. It has made moving interstate so much more difficult. Like many people in Australia, whose only impression of cheer leading had come from American movies, I have found a new respect for the amazing skills, integrity and inclusivity of this elite group of athletes.” – Susan (Cheer Mum)
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